Call for Papers

Physician Solutions welcomes contributions from informed writers, both nationally and internationally, and offers this guideline for submissions.


Physician Solutions’ readers represent a broad spectrum of health care and dental professionals, policymakers, government officials, business leaders, educators and researchers.

Issue content

Each issue has a topical focus or theme introduced on the cover and carried throughout the issue with related articles and content. The theme is complimented monthly by series of articles on Practice Tips. Guidelines for these sections will be addressed with contributing authors.

Manuscript Preparation

Header: Add your name, date, e-mail address and word count in the header.

Style: Prepare your manuscript as a Microsoft Word file using 12 point Times New Roman, single spaced with 1-inch margins. List your sources and a short biography (200 words) at the end of the article.

Length: Limit article to 500-1500 words.

Abbreviations: Define all abbreviations on first reference and avoid all use of jargon.

Acknowledgements: List the names of any individuals who played a role in the article other than the authors.

Manuscript submission

Submit all manuscripts and associated figures to Each article is edited for clarity, style, concision, and conformity with AP style. Once the article has been copy-edited and typeset, the contact author will receive proofs for review. Corrected proofs and an authorization from the writer to print the manuscript are due back within seven days. Copyright to published articles is held by Med Monthly. Authors may copy and distribute their own contributions in any way they see fit but any articles reprinted must carry a credit line to Physician Solutions and state it is reprinted with permission.

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