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July 31, 2015, No comments

MIT researcher discusses a new study on correlations among medical problems What can big data tell us about the predictability of medical conditions? A new study by MIT researchers published more »


Rates of New Melanomas Have Doubled Over Last Three Decades

July 31, 2015, No comments

Without community skin cancer prevention efforts, melanoma rates will continue to climb Melanoma rates doubled between 1982 and 2011 but comprehensive ...


Further Evidence That Solanezumab Slows Mild Alzheimer’s Disease

July 31, 2015, No comments

The trial, which followed 1,322 people with mild Alzheimer’s disease, showed that the drug was able to slow the decline in memory and thinking skill ...



July 1, 2015, No comments

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know After decades of experience with ICD-9, we have learned and come to grips with its quirks. We do not yet ...