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November 1, 2017, No comments

Make Up 40 percent of Cancers Diagnosed in the United States Overweight and obesity are associated with increased risk of 13 types of cancer. These cancers account for about 40 more »


Benefits and Drawbacks to Outsourcing

November 1, 2017, No comments

With soaring expenses and decreased reimbursements, small medical practices must try to stop the financial bleeding wherever possible. Because of this ...


More Nurses Are Earning Bachelors Degrees

November 1, 2017, No comments

But Likely Will Not Reach 2020 Goal The proportion of front-line nurses with bachelor’s degrees in U.S. hospitals increased from 44 percent in 2004 ...


More Awareness Needed for Physician Associates

November 1, 2017, No comments

To Be Accepted Into General Practice Workforce “It is really important to understand what barriers might be in place preventing PAs from effectively ...

  • 5 Tips for a New Physician’s Office
    September 29, 2017, No comments

    When starting a new physician’s office, you have plenty of ways to help increase your chances of success. Sageworks, a financial information company that provides financial analysis and cash flow

  • Do Social Ties Affect Our Health?
    September 29, 2017, No comments

    Exploring the Biology of Relationships Cuddles, kisses, and caring conversations. These are key ingredients of our close relationships. Scientists are finding that our links to others can have powerful effects

  • Patient’s Point of View
    September 29, 2017, No comments

    The changes to the healthcare industry are increasingly focused on addressing patients as consumers. Such a change means that providers must of course emphasize quality and work toward price transparency,