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September 1, 2017, No comments

If you have a private practice chances are high that you’ve at least considered outsourcing your revenue cycle management functions at some point in time.  You’ve likely asked yourself questions more »


Managing Your Practice Management and Billing Software

September 1, 2017, No comments

The world of healthcare is going digital, whether we are ready or not. Electronic health records (EHR) are quickly becoming the industry standard, dri ...


The Great Medical Billing Debate

September 1, 2017, No comments

In-House or Outsourcing? Second only to treating patients, medical billing is the most important aspect of your practice.  Unfortunately, it is also ...


Plans of Action for Successful Medical Billing

September 1, 2017, No comments

Using and Improving Your Existing Billing System How effective is your practice’s medical billing? The time has come to put a full stop to any negat ...

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    First Steps
    August 1, 2017, No comments

    What You Need to Do Before You Put Your Medical Practice on the Market Some doctors open a practice with the intention of keeping it until retirement, while others plan

  • Selling Your Medical Practice
    August 1, 2017, No comments

    Steps for Success Ready to sell your practice?  Not so fast!  While selling a medical practice is not impossible, it certainly is not easy.  Some practices do not sell or