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December 29, 2017, No comments

For most doctors, the challenge is how to prepare in a sea of uncertainty. What legislation will be repealed, introduced, or revised? With the Affordable Care Act hanging in the more »


New Tax Law’s Implications for the Health Care Industry

December 29, 2017, No comments

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have now both passed a unified tax reform bill, and President Trump signed it into law on December 22.The ...


Will New Healthcare Reform Put the Patient First?

December 29, 2017, No comments

Physicians should take a measured approach to the future of their practice, keeping in mind that patients define value as appointment access and avail ...


ObamaCare ACA Pros and Cons List

December 29, 2017, No comments

Here is a short list of the Pros and Cons of ObamaCare, the ACA. The ACA, ObamaCare, doesn’t create insurance; it regulates private insurance to ens ...