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In today’s aggressive healthcare services industry, you find yourself managing pulverizing regulatory requirements and rising working costs. You search for every skill set available to keep your practice profitable. If more »


First Steps

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What You Need to Do Before You Put Your Medical Practice on the Market Some doctors open a practice with the intention of keeping it until retirement, ...


Selling Your Medical Practice

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Steps for Success Ready to sell your practice?  Not so fast!  While selling a medical practice is not impossible, it certainly is not easy.  Some p ...


Overcoming Barriers to Successful Clinical Trials

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Conducting clinical research can be a rewarding aspect of your practice. It can keep you at the forefront of new developments in your field, boost you ...

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    Clinical Research Versus Medical Treatment
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    What is clinical research? Clinical research refers to studies in which people participate as patients or volunteers. Different terms are used to describe clinical research, including: clinical studies clinical trials

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    Medical Marketing:
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    Should I Outsource it and to Whom? Two common questions asked in every hospital and medical practices now are “Should I outsource my health marketing and how do I find