10 Ways to Give Great Customer Service to Your Patients

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Giving awesome customer service to your patients is the best way to ensure their future loyalty and potential referrals. A satisfied patient will be more than ready to pay you for the time and energy you have spent on their care. And possibly refer you to a friend or colleague.

Here are 10 ways to give your patients great customer service:

1. Make sure your staff creates a great first impression with your patients. It is imperative for the front desk staff in charge of welcoming the patients via telephone or on their entry at the front desk to be friendly, caring and professional. (Tip: Hire individuals with strong backgrounds in customer service.)

2. Stay faithful to your promises. On the off chance that you or your staff says, “I will get that information back to you today,” make sure to do just that. Even if you don’t have the appropriate response by the end of the day, a quick call to tell patients you are still pursuing an accurate answer is always best. Keep your promises, they might seem small to you, but may be very important to your patients.

3. Show thankfulness and appreciation to your patients. Thanking clients is important and is a great way to show your patients you appreciate their business. Saying thank you and smiling go a long way.

4. Be prepared for each visit. Keep all EHR (electronic health records) as up to date as possible. This allows all patient information to be available immediately to you and your office staff. Office visits will move smoother and quicker with accurate records at your fingertips. This will be appreciated by both you and your patients.

5. Tune in and act upon your patient’s concerns. Each properly managed concern can be a chance to obtain a lifetime of dependability from a patient. Ensure that you tune in to the grievance, check the legitimacy, make a move to eliminate the problem, and, after that, let the patient know how it was handled. This transparency in removing these obstacles will help ensure customer satisfaction.

6. Go well beyond what your patients anticipate. It is always better to anticipate your patients’ future medical requirements, making sure you address all their needs. Be sure to inform your staff of each patient’s new needs, to guarantee complete and accurate patient records.

7. Make it simple for your patients. Make the navigation of your office as simple as possible. Achieve this through negligible holdup times, a peaceful, non-stressing environment, and civilities when conceivable (for example; espresso, tea, and water). Additionally, consider patients’ movements through your office to guarantee it is anything but difficult to navigate.

8. Be involved solving office mishaps. Neglected to get back to a patient? Overbooked the scheduled office visits? Running somewhat late? Be straightforward, apologize directly and earnestly to your patient, and offer choices to repair the issue.

9. Know your patients. Would you have a facility without them? You should know who your patients are, the reason they come to see you, and make certain they get the best treatment and follow up available. Have your front office staff attempt to recall all the names of your regular patients, making them feel immediately welcomed.

10. Treat your staff (and each other) like clients. If you treat your medical staff correctly and professionally, they, in turn, will treat your patients and each other in the same manner, paying it forward.

By transforming your medical office visit into a peaceful, fulfilling experience, the entire healthcare process becomes less stressful for patients and more profitable for you. Your patients will realize by these simple changes, they are important and appreciated by you and your staff.

By Vishal Gandhi, BSEE, MBA
Founder and CEO, Clinicspectrum

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