Using Telemedicine to Improve Your Revenue

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Telemedicine is a marketing approach that can help attract patients

Patients are now insisting on using telemedicine appointments for minor ailments. The increase in retail health clinics and Urgent care centers prove that patients are now looking for an easier accessible healthcare choice. By adding telemedicine to your practice, you are attracting the patients who are seeking convenience. This can help you expand your potential patient population.

Improve your patient flow while retaining the existing patients.

Telemedicine helps keep your patients from seeking options outside of your practice. It allows you to utilize your time better with the help of quick check-ins and arrange virtual visits on-demand with your patients at your convenience. Because of patient satisfaction, you may perhaps book another appointment.

Overcoming missed appointments or no-shows

According to a recent study by Truven Health Analytics, approximately 71% of visits to the emergency rooms are avoidable and unnecessary. The average no-show rate is between 5 percent and 10 percent, according to MGMA Consulting, which makes cutting missed appointments significant from a revenue perspective. Offering appointment even after office hours can help gain he lost appointments and have a better patient flow.

Improve documentation and save overhead costs.

With Telemedicine, you have the facility to shorten your practice hours and work from your home office. This helps you save money on the payroll, prevent employee turnover, save on utilities and other expenses. Using telemedicine, you can document every off-hour calls and visits. This can help you dodge malpractice lawsuits, saving you time and money.

By Vishal Gandhi, BSEE, MBA
Founder and CEO, Clinicspectrum

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