Use Your Expertise to Grow Your Medical Practice

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Write a column for a Regional Newspaper or Magazine

Writing a column that features medical insights and information that only someone with your expertise can offer is one of the top methods to gain credibility and awareness among a wide range of prospective patients and individuals.

Of course you can’t give medical advice, but a column in a regional paper or magazine will allow you offer a broad range of insights on diet, health, preventative care, along with more specificity to your specialty. If you practice in the sunbelt, you can write a weekly or monthly column on health relating to matters of skin in the sun, preventing dehydration during exercise, dietary changes, etc.

Here are four important reasons to write your way to growing your practice.

#1) Writing articles and columns will showcase your expertise

Anyone who writes a column on a regular basis is considered an expert. Therefore, once you’ve written a variety of columns, you may be asked to write a book. You can even collect the columns you write over time and pull together a book on the topics you covered.

#2) Columns and articles beget media exposure

As you continue writing, people will notice and quote your articles and be interested in what you have to say on a particular subject. You will make an impression and they will consider you when they next need a medical specialist. You may also get the chance to have your column become syndicated. It’s important to time things right, though. The general public needs to know who you are when the subject you write becomes viral in order to get the media exposure in the right order.

#3) You’ll be asked to appear as a speaker

When talk shows and other similar groups are focusing on a specific topic, they look for people who are experts in their fields. Globally, there are TV and radio producers that are looking for experts who know exactly what you know. You might receive calls from journalists who are looking for expert opinions and quotes. The more exposure you get from writing the column, the bigger your chance of speaking publicly and the more your practice will grow.

#4) You’ll gain more awareness among prospective patients

The few hours that you spend in writing these columns will help you in receiving free advertising space which will help you reach tens of thousands of potential patients.

Even if your column job doesn’t pay, and often times it won’t, you’ll be paid in the value it brings to your business in credibility and reputation. It’ll increase the brand name you’re marketing, which in your practice, is YOU. And don’t worry, because if your communication and writing skills need some help, there are plenty of professional copywriters or ghostwriters that can help you launch your column to gain the exposure you deserve. So, start brainstorming story ideas and research the editors at your local or regional publications right away to reap the benefits of your expertise in a way that will grow your business in good stead.

By Lori Gertz
Freakin’ Genius Marketing

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