Tips for an Uncomplicated EHR

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Medical practices and hospitals have to tackle the issue of making EHR (electronic health records) more usable and manageable. An easy-to-use EHR can increase efficiency as the providers enter information without glitches, leaving the patient care data unaffected.

Common causes of EHR frustration among providers is linked to poorly constructed systems, confusing interface and the time taken to fill out forms.

Here are a few tips to help you make a serviceable EHR.

1.    A system helping users achieve their goals with ease can be defined as a usable system. Some providers still preferred paper charts over clicks while filling in the information. Perform an analysis on the number of clicks and screens utilized to finish particular tasks. Remove redundant steps for a quicker EHR.

2.    Build a logical screen interface. The system should standardize and place the tasks in the order of usage. Supposing a complicated task, the use of multiple pages would prove beneficial. The placement of the menus and buttons should be carefully selected so that the process is uninterrupted and quickly concluded.

3.   Technology systems should maintain its ease of use for allowing users to execute actions as they usually do. For instance, sending orders to nurses or administrative staff from within the EHR module.

4.   Minimize the user’s workload while lessening the memory requirements is a vital step to completing tasks quickly. The final output should be clearly understandable, instead of irrational information. Ask vendors for a classified catalog of patient health data, and have it embedded within the system for easier understanding.

Applying these steps will not only make EHR less burdensome but also enhance interoperability resulting in improved patient care.

By Vishal Gandhi, BSEE, MBA
Founder and CEO, Clinicspectrum

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