The Four Core Elements to Modernizing Your Practice

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MedicalTech2WEBThe healthcare industry is constantly evolving and, in order to keep up, and provide patients with the care and environment patients are becoming accustomed to, healthcare practices need to take stock in how they approach these changes to stay competitive.  With technology, comes change, but there are several ways health providers can move along with the changes, and even better yet, stay ahead of the game. Knowing this, here are four core elements health practitioners should keep in mind when it comes to modernizing their practice.

Embrace mobile: Interconnected services, mobility and interoperability, are changing the way all service providers must communicate to their patients. To make sure a practice is up-to-date, make sure the practice has a mobile friendly website that connects to the appointment desk. It is important that patients can easily access the office to book or cancel appointments and to view other patient reviews. More and more the healthcare industry is being driven by the consumer and now the consumer is used to doing the majority of their tasks via their mobile device. If a practice is going to thrive in today’s mobile environment, a practice must adapt to meet their patients’ expectations.

Embrace offering digital files as a way to offer better care: Electronic Health Records (EHR) allows for patients to have access to their own records and for other healthcare practitioners to have access to these records. This very secure practice increases efficiencies. A modern scanner can be an added feature to an EHR system to upload records and additional tests to patient files to help patients have ownership of their care.  Patients are expecting this.

Embrace the right equipment: Healthcare patients care about how long they wait in a doctor’s office waiting room. Gone are the days of keeping patients waiting at the doctor’s discretion. Now patients want to be in and out as quickly as possible. According to healthcare consultant Press Ganey, the nationwide average wait time for patients was 23 minutes. Punctuality is fundamental in reducing time, but so is making sure an office is fully equipped to admit patients quickly and input the necessary information to move them from the waiting room to actually seeing the doctor.  Professional scanners that can quickly scan documents wirelessly provide a great alternative to slower, older scanner models that don’t create an electronic file from one simple step. For instance, the eScan Series offers a range of scanners that allows users to push one button to digitize a document, upload it to a patient’s file, and move to the next patient. Make sure your other office equipment is up to date and works for today’s heavily digitized medical office. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to look and feel more modern.

Embrace social: Create a social platform to connect with patients. It is important to use social as a way to highlight a medical practice, but also to respond to customers if they have a question, or even a complaint. A social media tool such as Facebook or LinkedIn allows customers to view what others are saying, learn about the practice and its healthcare approach, and the physicians within that practice. Consumers have adapted to social media, and so must a healthcare practice!

The future of healthcare is here and exciting changes are happening everywhere. Understand and know that by creating a modern environment, a patient will feel more comfortable knowing that their healthcare practitioner is up to date and up with the times.

By Robert Fuchs
Marketing Manager for Plustek USA

Robert Fuchs
Marketing Manager for Plustek, an imaging and surveillance solutions provider, dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, professional scanners, as well as security devices for businesses and professionals around the world.

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