How to Make a Successful Ezine and Generate Publicity

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EzineWEBSaying you have been published is impressive to your patients and gives you additional clout.

The thing is, submitting a manuscript for publication in journals is time-consuming and requires a fair amount of research.  Even then, a journal may decide not to publish you if you have no academic standing in an Ivy League institution.

There is a much simpler way! (And still affords you the opportunity to tout your publications to patients)

I’m talking about an inexpensive and effective tool that carries maximum impact…the Ezine or digital newsletter.

Ezines are much more than a smart tactical business strategy.  Your viewers receive solutions to problems they are struggling with and come to rely on you and your information.  This is an opportunity that I cherish as it puts me in touch with patients who are appreciative and are empowered to make better health choices.

Benefits to having your own E-zine

Exposure in e-zines is one of the surest and most cost-effective ways to gain credibility.  Its many benefits include:

  • Building relationships based on trust with your patients.  It goes a long way toward relationship building, which is crucial to the acquisition and retention of patients and prospective patients
  • A means to which your referrals will keep your name in mind over others in the same field.
  • Increases the fresh content on your website by links.  This indirectly boosts your ranking with search engines.
  • Increases traffic to your website, giving more visibility
  • Adds links- search engines and spiderbots will find an impressive amount of links to your website. When people do searches about a specific topic that is covered in the newsletter, your name pops up.
  • Archives-Placing your ezines in cloud storage, current and new subscribers can access the issues
  • Keywords- With continued publication of content within the same niche or category; specific keywords become attached to you, giving you more visibility.
  • Keeps your name in the mind of your patients and your referrals

By opting in to receive your digital newsletters, subscribers have given you:

  • Their information for your database
  • Permission to send them announcements and correspondence
  • An opportunity to promote your services
  • A vehicle for your books and product launches

Do not send your newsletter to anyone that has not opted in first. To do so, would be considered sending spam.

Do not use subject lines that are sensational but unrelated to the articles within the newsletter.  Though you may be tempted to do this for a higher opening rate from your readers, it is a sure way for readers to opt out if they feel that they have been duped.  Once you have lost your fans, it is difficult and almost impossible to get them back.

Subject Lines

This is the most important device and will determine whether the newsletter is opened or deleted, untouched.  The subject line has to be compelling, grabbing attention and capturing viewers while being true to the content within the issue.  Make it less than 60 characters long.

Content to Include

You will be creating helpful articles for your newsletter but certain segments are standard.  They include:

  • Welcome
  • Thank you to your subscribers
  • Information to unsubscribe as well as sharing with friends and colleagues
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy policy
  • Contact information
  • Helpful resources
  • Relevant and information-filled articles
  • Premiums or bonuses
  • Surveys to discover what your viewers are interested in reading
  • Comment box
  • Contests
  • FAQs

Feel free to add photos and 1-2 minute videos to your newsletter that your viewers can click on.  Videos and photos provide an additional and memorable dimension.

Consider even having a recipe of the week which utilizes all natural organic foods that are rich in vitamins and low in fats, complying with heart health or whichever specialty you are in.

How to Publish your Ezine

Of course you will be circulating your newsletter to patients that have expressed a desire to receive them as well as fans from forums, chat rooms and social media.

However, publishing your ezine from RSS feeds, public directories and referral programs greatly boosts the number of subscribers.  Let’s face it, you need subscribers to make newsletter creation worthwhile and maximum exposure means more business for you.

Add your ezine to directories associated with your niche or types of individuals who are likely to seek out your services.  Establish referrals from other websites.  Advertise your ezines on other websites that have a large audience and are well respected.

Optimizing an RSS feed enables rapid access through other sites, directories and search engines.

Golden Nugget

An ezine is a way to get publicity and attention without paying directly for it as you would with advertising spaces, Focus on your clients and patients.

Send for your free copy of “8 Things You Can Do NOW to generate free publicity” at  See how much you currently do and what you can put on your goal list for 2015.

By Barbara Hales, M.D.

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