How to Increase Patients with a Professional Website?

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DoctorComputerWEBA search engine optimized website is the most potent as well as most cost-effective tool, which you can use to promote your medical practice to your local target audience. According to Pew Research data, 72 percent of all Internet users look online for health information. Therefore, if your medical website ranks high in search results for the most relevant localized keywords that local patients are searching for, it will drive a lot of new potential patients to your website.

Once the patients are on your site, your content should be convincing and compelling enough to encourage them to consider visiting your practice for a consultation. In other words, your website content should play two critical roles. First, it should be search engine optimized effectively to bring patients to your website. Second, it should engage and interest them in a way that they choose to seek an appointment with your office.

Develop Effective Website Content

To build strong content for your medical website, consider the following guidelines:

  • Make sure that your content is directed at your average potential patient and adequately satisfies their need for information. Instead of worrying about marketing your practice through your content, your primary goal should be to create a comprehensive, information and educational online resource for your patients.
  • Stay focused on the areas of your expertise, and the procedures and treatments that you provide through your practice. Use your actual experience with previous patients, explain about the medical technologies and techniques that you actually employ during procedures, and provide real, valuable information to the patients to resolve their queries, concerns and doubts as best as possible.
  • Use patient-friendly language, present the content in interesting ways interspersed with tips, guidelines, Q&As, How-to’s, real-life examples and anecdotes. Enrich the content with supportive images, infographics, videos, slideshares, webinars, PowerPoint presentations, and other such tools.
  • Make sure the content is original, creative and engaging enough to prompt the readers to respond by way of comments, feedback, or sharing the content on their social networks or other blogs and websites. Provide social media ‘share’ buttons alongside your content wherever possible to make it easy for the readers to share it.
  • Update the content regularly to build ‘reader loyalty’ for your website. The best way to do it is to have a unique blog section on your website where you can periodically add new pieces of content to inform, educate and advise potential patients about various procedures and treatments related to your practice.
  • Last, but not the least, make sure that your medical website design and content are developed in accordance with Google’s official search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines. You can review the “Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide,” which is freely accessible online once you create a Google+ account. Follow the guidelines of Google carefully to achieve higher search rankings, and ultimately higher online traffic and an increased number of new patients to your practice.

Driving Targeted Traffic to your Site

Consider the following quintessential and proven strategies to drive the targeted traffic of localized patients to your medical website:

Localized Keyword Optimization

Make use of Google AdWords Keyword Planner, which is a free AdWords tool to provide you useful insights about a variety of keywords related to your field and how commonly the users are employing these keywords to search for relevant information. Wherever possible, add the names of local areas from where you expect to receive patients to your practice. The keywords should be added judiciously to the headlines of each page, anchor text, titles and tags, URLs as well as the body of the content.

Mobile Screen Compatibility

The explosive growth and popularity of mobile devices have made it imperative that you make your website mobile device compatible. It will allow mobile users to achieve a wholesome viewing experience when they access your website through their mobile device screens. At the same time, a mobile-friendly website will enhance your chances of ranking higher in the search results.

List your Practice on ‘Google My Business’

Google commands more than 80 percent of the entire web search traffic. It officially recommends businesses and professionals to list their business or practice on Google My Business. According to Google, when you provide appropriate information in this tool, it will increase your chances to rank higher in locally relevant results in both web search and Google Maps. Add your practice to just one or two most representative categories to achieve the best impact.

With a patient-centric website created within the legitimate SEO parameters to help the search engines choose your website in their search results, you can significantly improve the local exposure for your medical practice. Consistent website development and SEO efforts will eventually translate into an increased traffic of new patients for your practice.

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