How to get the Media to Endorse You and Build your Practice

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Getting promoted by the media is one of the best (and free) ways to publicize yourself and your services. It distinguishes you and your brand in a more nuanced way.  The media spreads your message and gives you visibility.

-tablet-screenWEBCan you imagine competing for patients with Dr. Oz or Dr. Sanjay Gupta?

The perception is that if the media wants to showcase them and hang on to each “pearl of wisdom” they share, then they must be the best.  Right?

They not only get a ton of free publicity but they also know how to really profit from the media coverage through increased sales, name recognition, speaking engagements and more.

Why couldn’t it be you?

Because publicity is not only a cost-effective marketing strategy but also a great way to build credibility, press releases are a great way for you to get a foot up over your competitors and build credibility through positive publicity.

Press releases are among the most economical ways to get your message out without spending tons of cash on advertising and marketing.  Done correctly, this marketing tool can bring in significant revenue increases and improve the practice.

When the media publishes your story, it exposes your company to the masses, thus potentially increasing your marketing reach and ultimately the bottom line.  It is a win for everyone- your practice increases and the community gets healthier!

Press releases vs. advertising

Press releases differ from advertising because advertising controls the message.  That is, when you see an ad for a product, you know that it is a subjective point of view, beneficial to the company making the product.

A press release is something that is published by the media- something that most of us still view as having an objective opinion.

Press releases help the Media help You

Let’s face it.  The media constantly needs interesting newsworthy or sensational material as part of their job. The media is driven by buzz, news breaking stories and what’s trending now.  Getting a compelling or enticing piece of information is appreciated because it helps them perform their job.

The knack is to make your information compelling and enticing.  In other words, make your communication “newsworthy”.

What constitutes being newsworthy?

You may be asking yourself at this point, what can I point out about myself, my medical practice or services that would seem so exciting?

Newsworthy information includes announcements of:

  • Awards
  • Accomplishments
  • Change of Staff
  • New Discoveries
  • Events
  • Participation in health fairs
  • Addition of partners or new physicians to the practice

Press releases are among the easiest ways to combine journalistic writing with marketing. Not convinced that press releases will help you?  Then read on.

9 Benefits those press releases offer

The value from press releases include the following:

  1. Branding - a press release that is picked up and spread virally online and in multiple media channels, significantly strengthens your brand, practice and services, making them well known.
  2. Visibility - your practice and services gain more exposure.
  3. Leads - when the press release is syndicated, a larger audience views the news that you want broadcasted.  This increases the number of prospective patients.
  4. Ranking - As the press release is viewed across the internet on various sites and multiple channels, links are created between them and your website which increases your search engine ranking, making your exposure even greater.
  5. Zoning in - rather than spending money on generic advertising, press releases are geared to target the exact audience that match your demographics and location.
  6. Encourages social media connections - When your name or the name of your practice goes viral across multiple media channels, people want to connect with you and follow what you have to say. Everyone loves a winner and wants to be associated with one.  You are also perceived as an authority in your field and people will want to connect with you and get your advice or hear your solutions to the problems that they are struggling with.
  7. Increased response - when a professional copywriter creates the press release, the chances are greater that the media will “pick it up” and run with it story for production of news stories in papers or magazines.
  8. Increased popularity - perception of greatness snowballs to increased perception of greatness.  When the media has published you, chances are with each story that you give them; they are more likely to promote you again.
  9. Improves ROI (Return on Investment) – press releases give “more bang for your buck”.  There are free distribution sites in case your budget does not allow for marketing.  Sites like PR web have very reasonable plans for package deals on multiple press releases over a specified time period.

In contrast to the amount of money that would need to be spent in advertising for the same exposure, press releases are very reasonable so that the net amount the practice generates is significantly higher.

Want to pursue press releases as part of your health marketing?

Start it free!  Ask for your press release template and list of free distribution sites at:

By Barbara Hales, M.D.

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