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Chiropractors know that a decrease in body weight helps with musculoskeletal issues.  We have always advised our patients that any amount of weight lost will be beneficial but over the years we’ve had to acknowledge that our admonitions to lose weight did not bring about the results we wanted for our patients.  Simply lecturing a patient to lose weight is ineffective and any primary care physician will likely agree.  Losing weight is just plain hard work, the options available are confusing, and most patients basically do not know how to lose weight. They go from one fad diet to another without any long lasting success.

But with the obesity epidemic and an increase in numbers of patients attempting to lose weight, more and more patients on our office were coming to us frustrated that their efforts were not bringing about the changes that they sought.  Countless times we heard “I’m doing everything right but I’m not losing.  What should I do?”

One can’t help but be alarmed as the levels of obesity steadily increase.  Just going to a local middle school or high school and observing the numbers of our children suffering from too much weight is enough to shock anyone.  It’s no surprise that this is the first generation of children with a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

We wanted to address this need in our practice and we began researching the options available to us. We have 4 criteria we insist on before implementing any program in our office.  The program had to be easy, effective, affordable and backed by science.  We value every patient who walks through our doors and if we are going to put our reputation on the line, we want to make very sure we have the best to offer.

We found a program that has clinical studies backed by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. It is likely the easiest plan available and is affordable by being cost-neutral for most participants.  What’s more, our patients lost weight as promised by the program.

We use portion controlled meal replacements in conjunction with a coaching service to help patients understand the issues associated with weight gain and weight loss.  With understanding comes compliance.  Our goal is not to offer a ‘diet’.  Our goal is to guide and teach patients, so our program be the last ‘diet’ they will ever need.  We instruct our patients on how to use the program to lose weight, to educate themselves along the journey, and to make lifestyle choices and habits that they can maintain after losing weight.  One of our key goals is to help our patients learn how to keep their weight off for good.  We show patients that making the right life-style choices will impact their health now and in the future.  The ripple effects of their success will have a positive effect on their family and friends.

We started our program two years ago and with a little advertising and word of mouth, we continue to assist patients in weight loss.  Countless patients have been able to discontinue their medications with their MD’s approval.  A Type II Diabetic who can discontinue their insulin injections makes for a happy patient.

We are able to add thousands to our bottom line and use the funds for salaries and bonuses.  We’ve added to our practice because the public is searching for a solution.  If we don’t help our patients, they will seek help elsewhere.

We’ve had such success that we produced a video of Tracy, one of our program’s participants, to show potential clients just how enormously helpful this program can be.  The video can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAFtRzseRrc&feature=youtu.be

By Dr. Molly Leavitt, D.C.

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