Ancillary Services Require Practices to Market

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Have you been looking into the growing world of ancillary service opportunities? Most practices look for those avenues before looking into marketing for doctors. Ancillary Services for medical practices come in all shapes and sizes, they are everywhere. You likely even have a few business cards on your desk from services that have been presented in your office.

As you may know, part of what we do is match physician practices to ancillary service companies so that the physician has a beneficial service or test to offer his patients and so that the ancillary service company has a sound partner. We have provided this service for about 5 years now and as the market evolves, so have the requirements for the practices.

Here is what you might find interesting…many companies are now requiring a few new things of their physician partners:

  1. An up-to-date and professional web presence.
  2. Good online reviews.
  3. Routine email contact with your patient population.
  4.  Active social media accounts.

ServicesWEBSo now it seems that marketing for doctors is becoming more and more important, not just so that you can  grow your practice in volume of your ideal patients but also so that you can bring them the additional services that provided great care for your patients and great revenue for your clinic.

Why do the ancillary service companies care?

Ancillary service companies are in the business of medicine, they want to work with as many patients as possible and the risk is in their court for investing in a practice. It has taken some time to get to this point, but the companies that require these items recognize:

  • Practices that don’t actively market to their patients run out of new patients to participate in ancillary services in about 24-30 months. Ancillary service companies are focused on long-term partnerships, especially those service companies that offer their assistance in a no-investment scenario. They recognize that long-term partnerships just can’t happen without marketing channels in place.
  • Practices that don’t communicate with their patients via email aren’ t harnessing the best way to announce and continue to feed a new revenue stream.
  • Practices that don’t have up-to-date, modern, well-designed, patient attractive websites, simply are out of the loop in growing their practices into a business. Around 74% of internet searches landing on a physicians website end in a telephone call to the practice within a half hour.  Companies want to partner with practices that are capitalizing on that trend.
  • Social media is here to stay, ancillary service companies recognize that this is the most focused and strategic way to market and advertise your clinic.

What does this mean for your practice?

This simply means that you must get on board. You must begin to take your marketing and your customer service seriously. You must choose to be different to meet the needs of today’s patients.

By Audrey Christie McLaughlin, RN
Physicians Practice Expert

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