Mobile Medical Doctor Now Servicing Charlotte North Carolina Area with Housecalls

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OnCall Mobile Medical and Wellness PLLC is a mobile medical practice that specializes in providing housecalls to patients of all ages.

By utilizing premier innovative mobile technology to streamline patient’s healthcare experience, OnCall Mobile Medical and Wellness is able to offer primary care, urgent care, and addiction medicine treatment in the privacy of a home, office, hotel, or other convenient setting. They are even able to provide EKGs, ultrasounds, x-ray services, and lab tests right on-site for a personalized and comprehensive care experience. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tracei D. Ball said,“My goal is to deliver the highest quality care when and where you need it most. I know people are looking to spend less time in the waiting room and more time with a doctor who is able to listen to their health concerns. I want to help them do just that by increasing accessibility to care.”

Ideal for parents with children in the home, busy professionals, homebound, disabled, elderly, retirees, tourists, travelers and those who value a more personalized approach to healthcare, OnCall Mobile Medical and Wellness ( offers a full menu of total health and wellness solutions including pediatrics, internal medicine, eldercare, urgent care, medical consultation services, and corporate wellness care . They can partner with a patient’s primary care provider to assure one receives continuity of care. They also work with a comprehensive community network to provide the best medical care possible. OnCall Mobile Medical and Wellness is also the only practice in the Charlotte area to offer private, in-home addiction medicine treatment.

Here’s how it works:

Step1 – Call and schedule an appointment at a convenient location.

Download or complete the online patient registration forms and use a credit card to secure an appointment time.

Step 2 – A highly skilled physician will meet you at your chosen location for a medical visit. The doctor will bring all necessary equipment and supplies to complete an on-site evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.

Step 3 – The doctor will accept credit, debit, health savings account card, traveler’s check, or cash as payment for services rendered. Patients can seek reimbursement from their insurance companies, and forms will be provided to complete and submit to insurance carriers. OnCall Mobile Medical and Wellness does not guarantee reimbursement from insurance companies.

Step 4 – If OnCall Mobile Medical and Wellness is not the patient’s primary care provider (PCP), information about the visit can be forwarded, at request, to the patient’s PCP for continuation of care.


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