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For a Healthier You and a Healthier Planet

Benefits of the seasonal produce

When you eat the fruit and veggies that are in season there are many benefits you may not be aware of. In this article you will get the information about why and what, and a list over which types of fruit and vegetables you should be tossing in your shopping cart the next few months and how to use them. Oh, and then you get recipe of a delicious summer salad, where watermelon is the main ingredient!

BaggedProduceWEBThe first benefit of eating ”by the season” is that the food is usually cheaper. The availability lowers the price, compared to when the food is out of season. Think of the price you sometimes have to pay for produce like artichokes, asparagus and berries.

The second benefit is that the food in season is healthier. Generally it has a better nutritional value, because the time for the growing is perfect. You simply can’t get perfect strawberries all year round. The fruit you get in the winter time is usually a long time under way from its’ origin, and the transportation time and circumstances will lower the nutritional value.

The food in season should be considered as the food in season in your specific geographic location. The closer to your location the food is grown, the better. Locally grown produce has a shorter way ”from soil to spoon” and therefore it is fresher and healthier. And it leaves a lower CO2 food print. Good for you and the coming generations.

Fruits and greens of the summer season

Depending on where you are in the world, this list will differ a bit. But generally these foods are in season June, July and August.


The most common fruits of the summer are: almost all kinds of berries and melons, plums, grapes, peaches, limes, lychee, figs and some varieties of apples.

Using fruit in your salads, desserts and main courses can create a nice contrast and brings out the flavours of the rest of the meal. Try adding peaches to your salad with some roasted nuts, or try adding grapes or figs when you oven roast your meat. It is all about experimenting –  maybe you’ll find your new go-to recipe!


The summer is all about the vegetables with a large amout of water – cucumber, tomatoes, a variety of lettuce. Then you also have zucchini, eggplant, radishes, corn, bell peppers and beans.

Vegetables are mostly used in salads, but try grilling it on the BBQ and add some olive oil and a pinch of salt! It brings out the flavours and sweetness. You can also mix grilled veggies with some fresh lettuce and dry roasted nuts or some cheese. Only your imagination sets the limits.

By Marie Klee
Chief Editor

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