8 Tips to Relieve Stress

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StressHeadacheWEB“Nothing is impossible” is a popular saying that very few can actually implement in their daily lives. When talking about stress, one has to realize it is a daily pressure we exert upon ourselves. It can be desired or undesired stress and 90% of the time it is undesirable. Stress is so much a part of our lives that most of the time, we don’t even realize that we are feeling pressure and that it is completely unavoidable. So why are we unable to generate daily solutions for this anxiety?

The definition of stress is “A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.” Each individual handles strain differently, but let’s list some universal tips when dealing with stress to assist in times of unwanted tension.

  1. Identify stress: You get stress from tense situations. Once you are experiencing stress, it is important to identify this additional worry. Evaluate if this is desirable stress or should you just absorb the crux of this situation and move on.
  2. Types of stress: Is it desirable and undesirable stress? Are you in the habit of generating stress and anxiety over every small matter? If this is your habit, please remember every problem has a solution. With this in mind remember not every matter is worth generating too much of your time, energy and efforts. It’s important to understand whether what you are facing is a real problem worthy of the additional hassle. As the saying goes, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”
  3. Trust yourself: When you are caught in a truly tense situation and you are unable to find a solution, tons of negative thoughts flow through your mind. If you trust your instincts you can stop these negative thoughts and realize alternate solutions to your problem. You only need to have faith in yourself and you will come out of difficult situations with flying colors.
  4. You can’t control everything: It’s untrue to think we can handle every situation. To think we can is a stimulus for extra, avoidable anxiety. Not everything will work out according to our plans. Remember everyone has their own set of priorities and will work towards their own goals. So know when to release some control and situations will be less worrisome.
  5. Get your thoughts right: Be positive, calm and composed in stressful situations. You are bound to make errors while under pressure if negativity sets in. Negativity uses more of your energy and generates more harmful effects to your body.
  6. Detoxify your mind: It is important to detoxify your brain during times of stress. Meditation is a great tool to bring you back to tranquillity. Sit quiet for a brief period and be introspective. Allow yourself to reflect on what mistakes you have made and how you can resolve them. Gradually this process can become your habit and you can prevent your mind from receiving negative thoughts early in the stress process. Detoxification is a process where you heal yourself from all the hurt and imbalance. Detoxification is a permanent change which reflects on your personality. The person who detoxifies on a regular basis will be a more balanced, mature and controlled person in all situations.
  7. Spend time doing things you enjoy: Yes, it is not too easy to bring into practice, but it is equally vital. You will be happy only when you do what you wish to do. So take some time out for yourself and do activities that you love most or have always thought about doing.
  8. Avoidable creating stressful situations if you are able: If you are late, stop wasting time thinking how to blame others for the situation. Instead, think of what change in habit you should implement, so the situation does not arise again. If you have an important meeting, plan well and prepare thoroughly. When you are confident you have done all you can to be ready, relax and release all unnecessary anxiety.

Following these suggestions on a daily basis will allow you to lead a less stress filled life and will assist you when the pressures of life are unavoidable.

By Nidhi Behl Vats
Freelance Medical Writer

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