Why Physicians Prefer YouTube for Networking

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The saying “It is not what you know but who you know” may best describe the present day networking scene with any profession. Nowadays, when we need information on a certain topic, especially medical expertise, we head straight to the internet and start our search. This is where millions of patients and medical professionals seek out medical expertise every day. Physicians in particular have taken a new approach in networking with social media. While the plain old asking doctors directly may work for some, there are other ways to generate a physician’s interest in your expertise.

With social media reaching the entire medical community across the globe, it has never been easier for physicians to network with existing or potential patients and colleagues. Facebook is still rated the most popular approach among networking research, followed by YouTube and then LinkedIn. A survey of 2,790 health care professionals by AMN Healthcare, a health care work force management and staffing agency, found that 29% use YouTube for professional networking, second to Facebook, which 41% said they used. Twenty-three percent said they use LinkedIn. Respondents could provide more than one response.

SocialMedChartWEBYouTube is one of the most popular search engines out there making it simple to search millions of healthcare industry videos.  In today’s society physicians see YouTube as a way to reach out to patients as well as educate themselves. When browsing the Internet people are more likely to first click on an informative video posted by a respected colleague.  Research shows this is where patients and medical professionals from various fields go to for expertise on new prescription drugs, demos on new technology, and procedures of the future.

Busy schedules can hinder physician’s ability to attend industry events and conferences where networking takes place.  Most likely their curiosity will lead them to the Internet to see what they have missed.  YouTube videos are a direct link to get a quick look at what they missed.  Another trend some hospitals have embraced is the idea of promoting their impressive staff and modern facility technology on their careers page of their website with a YouTube video.  This is also an excellent way for doctors, nurses, or healthcare administrators to learn about the facility in their job search.

YouTube videos allow people to feel more of a connection to the topic they are researching and the videos are easy to repost onto other networking sites, such as, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.  They connect people more than other outlets, suggested AMN’s President of Health Care Staffing Ralph Henderson in an article, so it’s a good place for healthcare professionals to look for advice, success stories or personal experiences from others like themselves.  It is also a good place to share their own experiences and expertise, both for the benefit of patients and for other professionals like themselves.

By Ashley Warburton,
Staff Writer and Journalist, Med Monthly

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