Utilizing the Front Desk to Gauge Marketing Results

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The front desk at your healthcare practice can perform an interesting qualitative task without having to spend any extra time or effort. Your office front desk can prove to be a crucial link in your online marketing campaign and help you gauge the marketing results effectively. All you need to do is install an automated call tracking system at the front desk to determine which specific marketing strategies, tools and campaigns are generating patient inquiries, and which are not.

Identifying Your Marketing Strengths

GraphicWEBWhen your office receives a phone call from a new patient seeking an appointment, it can be difficult to guess whether the patient came to know about you through your website, social media, Google+ listing, or an online ad that you have placed somewhere. If you knew this, over a period of time, you will have a pattern before you to analyze which of the sources are proving to be your marketing strengths, and which are your weaknesses.

This will allow you to redirect more of your marketing time, money and effort on what is working, and review what is wrong with the others. That makes call tracking one of the simplest and most effective tools of monitoring returns on investment (ROI) pertaining to different marketing channels. With this innovative technology, the haze or mystique that often surrounds online marketing, with regard to whether it is really working or not, is finally getting cleared.

How Does it Work?

Call tracking integrations will enable you to use a unique phone number for each specific marketing campaign or a specific page on your website, social network, blog, or e-newsletter as well as traditional offline marketing channels such as a direct mailer or a billboard. Different phone numbers for each of these channels will let you compare, say, how many calls you are receiving via your website homepage and how many through a direct mailer or a billboard during a specified period of time.

You can also use call tracking to determine which of your specific website pages are producing the highest ROI by placing different phone numbers on different landing pages. This will give you an insight into whether it is the homepage, the contact page, the About Us page, the patient testimonials page, or the page for a particular healthcare procedure or technology that is generating the maximum inquiries.

Motivation for the Front Desk

Call tracking technology also provides you with the ability to listen to a recording of the phone call. This lets the front desk staff members know that their conversations with patients are subject to review and even become a source of incentive for them, if they perform their task in an outstanding manner.

At the same time, you get an opportunity to gain valuable patient insights about their prime concerns from such call recordings. You can even determine when a patient made their first, second, or twentieth phone call during the entire patient lifecycle.

For online based marketing campaigns, call tracking is particularly proving to be highly successful and popular. You can give your practice that necessary marketing and analytical edge, and optimize the results with more targeted efforts with this simple front desk support strategy.

By Naren Arulrajah with Vikas Vij

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