Trifecta for Becoming the Modern (and Successful) Dentist

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You’d like to overhear your patients and friends boast that you’re the best dentist ever. Of course this is invaluable as word-of-mouth advertising has always been the most effective way to garner new patients and build a successful practice.

But why would you be considered the best?  Usually this earned perception is achieved because you have dialed into the 3 channels of the modern dentist. Incorporating them all into your practice completes the circle of success.


Modern Equipment

The following equipment will make you both modern and special by identifying oral health issues in exceptionally early stages, making treatment less complex.

  • Digital X-rays- allows you to visualize an image of a tooth instantly and the high-resolution screen enables you to see dental problems easier and faster. Images can be made larger and clearer.  Exposure to harmful radiation is kept to a minimum.
  • Intraoral cameras- comprise a series of tiny cameras that diverts digital images of teeth and interior mouth tissue to an LCD screen display for viewing by dentist and patient.  These images can be enlarged by as much as 50 times so no lesion goes undetected.
  • Cosmetic imaging-incorporates software enabling a dentist to show how the teeth will appear after a procedure.   This demonstrates size, shape and teeth color.

Patient Education

DentalStaffWEBPatient education is important to inform patients about latest treatments, conditions and available options.  It’s also about convenience and communication with patients, families, referring physicians and caregivers.

  • Newsletter- provides an opportunity to inform your reader about the latest in dentistry, while establishing you as an authority in your dental niche (i.e. cosmetic procedures, implants, orthodontics).  Newsletters strengthen your brand.  The best part- it enables you to amass names with email addresses for your database from website visitors, increasing your patient numbers and attracting more prospective patients.
  • Blog- enables you to educate your viewer by publishing captivating content while letting your personality come through.  Blog posts provide you with an opportunity to relate memorable stories that elicit emotions and drive home the point that you are trying to make. Bonus- it raises your search engine rankings to get you more visibility.
  • E-book-says to the patient, you are an authority in your field.  While many dentists may practice like you, you’re the one who wrote the book!  Patients are impressed with this.  Content can be repurposed from your blog posts and newsletters.
  • Video- clips can be made for preoperative and postoperative instructions, about various office procedures, new equipment and devices and even office staff and office hours. They can be used for both internal viewing at the office or remotely through Vimeo and YouTube.  If you are a “techie”, you can create these yourself but I would recommend outsourcing it for a more professional appearance.
  • Patient Portal- promotes improved dentist-patient relationships by supplying secure online access to the dentist or office from home or work. Patients can make appointments, view oral health records, or ask questions.

Effective Professional Marketing

Even if you are the best dentist who ever lived and practiced, it won’t matter if no one knows about you.  Visibility is key to growing your practice and your brand. In this market, you need a strategic plan to stand out from your competition and your colleagues.

  • Conversion Website- this goes beyond the simple SEO (search engine optimized) site.  It is one that is easy to navigate, has contact information highly visible, gives premiums to amass lists and most importantly, spells out “calls-to-action”.  These CTAs show people what you want them to do, not just view the site (e.g. sign up for newsletters and blogs, call for appointments, get Tip Sheets, go to a hyperlinked page, etc.)
  • Press Release- is among the cheapest form of effective advertising.

Benefits of press release marketing include: links to your website with call to action, associates specific keywords to you and your practice, increases visibility, establishes credibility and provides entry into online news sites.  Not only that, but also you now can be syndicated!

  • Local Listing- helps you get noticed by patients doing an online search for a dentist. Optimizing a Google+ site with videos, photos and offers will consistently outrank your peers.  This is well worth your investment.

Don’t forget to include a map of the office (from Google maps) and Foursquare.  More than 50 million people use Foursquare to find businesses and professional offices.

  • Social Media-enables you to stay in touch with your patients, former clients and prospective patients.  You can view trending topics in chat rooms, as offering solutions to problems that your target market is struggling with.  Consider your practice demographics.  Are they more likely to be on Facebook (a professional Facebook page is invaluable), Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram?  Whichever modalities your patients hang out on, is a good way for you to reach out to them.

The thing is, make sure that your posts are in sync with your professional niche and that you use your selected keywords. This will optimize your sight, get you found on searches and allow you to reap the rewards in your business strategies.

By incorporating each of the 3 tools within the “trifecta”, you will be well known as the “Modern Dentist” that everyone must see!

If you need help with any aspect of the mentioned strategies, contact me so that we can discuss your needs at

By Barbara Hales, M.D.

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