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Focused on the Future

When I started Physician Solutions in 1990, we had computers but the Internet wasn’t born yet. Fax machines were in every office, but social media didn’t have a place in business. Over the past 28 years in medical staffing, I have heard a lot of reasons that cause professionals to consider becoming locum tenens. Here are a few of the many scenarios and situations my company has accommodated over the years.

  • Margaret graduated from medical school as a general practitioner. She was undecided about which specialty to pursue, so she chose locums work to expose herself to different specialties and make an informed decision.
  • Randy is a semi-retired surgeon who sold his practice through our sister company, Medical Practice Listings.  Randy moved closer to his daughter and grandchildren, but wasn’t ready for retirement just yet. A locums assignment through Physician Solutions worked perfectly for him.  Randy still practices two days a week, plays golf two days a week, and is a full time grandfather.
  • Hank moved to Raleigh from Ohio and contacted the North Carolina Medical Board and Medical Society once he was settled. Hank was looking for direction after leaving a practice where he had been a partner for four years. He had a less than perfect experience running the practice with his two partners and decided to make a big move just as a couple of his colleagues had done a year earlier. The first locums staffing company that popped up in his Google search was Physician Solutions. Dr. H now works for us on his own terms at the practices and locations he chooses. Hank makes more money than he did at his Ohio practice and sets his own schedule, all without the added stress of working with partners.
Why are Locum Tenens a Solid Solution for Most Practices? 

The simple answer is because it works. The following is a comprehensive take on my experience overseeing a locums company.

Spending on locum tenens services has more than doubled in the past few years. Today, the recruiting firms that provide “temporary physicians” produce more than $4 billion in revenue annually.

The medical industry estimates that 6 percent of the more than 600,000 U.S. physicians work locum tenens at least some of the time, for a number of reasons. Among physicians who accept locum tenens assignments, approximately 30 percent practice this way exclusively.

There are many reasons to hire a locum physician or advanced practitioner:

  •  To fill in for an absent staff member (who may be ill, on vacation, on sabbatical or maternity leave)
  • To cover while permanent staff attend CME courses or emergency leave
  • To supplement permanent staff during busy times
  • To staff new positions or facilities while providers are recruited

Also, in today’s competitive healthcare industry, more and more executives include locum tenens as an integral part of their master staffing plans. This allows them to maintain reasonable expectations for their doctors and extenders by bringing in a locum professional or two during busy days or seasonal periods. This is typically more efficient and cost-effective than maintaining peak staffing levels and paying for excess down time — in addition to employee benefits and physician or advanced practitioner perks.

Used strategically, locum tenens practitioners can help you attract and keep more of your staff, which helps your practice retain more patients and generate higher revenue.

Here is a list of reasons, shared by doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners working for Physician Solutions, as to why they choose to work locum tenens.

  •       Supplement income
  •       Work while searching for the perfect full time position
  •       Continue working between permanent jobs
  •       Work at a practice to see if you wish to go permanent
  •       Easily find work while relocating
  •       Control your own schedule
  •       Locum wages are very appealing
  •       Simplify medicine without managing a business or staff
  •       Continue practicing while semi-retired

Over 25 years ago I owned a few Occupational Medicine practices in North Carolina. A colleague contacted me one day to inquire if one of my contracted doctors could work at his practice while he took off for a couple of weeks to settle his father’s estate. He and I put together a two week contract, which included mal-practice insurance, travel, and lodging. One assignment led to another, and then another, and Physician Solutions was born. Now, my practices have been sold and my main focus is ensuring Physician Solutions, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, can be depended upon every day to provide quality locum tenens to dozens of practices throughout the Southeastern United States. The demand has become so great that as of the first of this year, we have increased our staffing footprint to include Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida. Physician Solutions is growing quickly, and we are focused on the future.

By Philip Driver, CEO
Physician Solutions, Inc

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