Increase the Value of Your Medical Practice Using Social Communication

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Why is it two physicians with the same knowledge and qualifications operate practices that profit differently within the same geographic location?

On closer inspection, the more profitable practice has confidently expanded their social skills along with their professional skills. These additional skills in social communication have increased their business, making them more profitable.  There are several factors which derive the actual worth of your practice and one of the most important is a “good marketing strategy”.

It is self-explanatory when a practice markets their new services; they need to have implemented a consistent care and treatment plan previously before announcing it on social media. So before actually discussing possible marketing strategies, make sure that within your practice the systems, processes and the staff are geared up and are working collectively for a seamless work flow. If there is any deviation, it is vital that you correct your internal systems and processes, before you work towards building a good marketing strategy. This will allow your marketing to be the most effective and have the greatest positive results.

  • Social Media – When everyone else is online, why should you remain silent? It’s time that you too make your presence felt in the digital world. Develop your social media pages on your own website and on various networking sites and write regular useful content. Potential and current patients will read your posts and will have better clarity of the services you offer and the knowledge you have about their healthcare needs.
  • Use of Blogs/Website: This can prove helpful when you often have the same questions from patients at your practice. You can direct your patients to your website or blog providing them with the information they need. Inform your patients that you are telling them to read this specific topic on your website as it is associated with their particular question or ailment.  Also inform them if they do a general Google search, chances are they will have undesired results and excess amounts of information not required in their specific case.
  • Arrange Visits to Schools, Colleges and Civic Groups – Speaking to the local schools, colleges or civic groups will increase your exposure to your local community. By doing this, the local community will get know you better, have a chance to interact with you and have a better understanding of the way you work. They may like your style and like to make you their personal physician.
  • Socializing Events – Events, seminars, online seminars, professional meetings, and conferences are several other ways you can socialize. You can join the local chamber of Commerce. The more you socialize professionally, the more other healthcare providers will know you within the physician community, opening the possibility of obtaining more referred patients. While you socialize with other doctors, always try to describe a different case which you have come across. By doing this you will make your peer group understand that you are competent in handling a variety of medical issues. It might also be a good idea to drop by a clinic of a friend or acquaintance to ask whether they are free for a casual talk over a cup of coffee.
  • Media Factor – You can use social media in two different ways:

 1. You have handled a tricky case and you explain about your new line of treatment or the rare findings and say that you are local practitioner. You can be contacted for similar cases and leave your contact details.
2. You have a specialization which has not been available in the local area until now. Or you have recently earned a new degree/certification in which you now specialize. Describe the specialization and explain why you are the best choice for this particular treatment.  If you have been specialized in this treatment for awhile, brag about your success rate.

  • Associate with Helpful Healthcare Apps – You can develop an app and keep on sending regular tips about how to lead a healthy life. Or if the appointment is coming up, your patients can login into the app, where they can track their appointment dates and ask for a confirmation. There are also options for having e-prescriptions capabilities. As you make the healthcare of your patients easier to navigate, they will come to see you again and again.
  • Try Writing an e-book – People are always researching medical information and e-books can be one of the cost effective methods to achieve this. It’s a good chance for you to become an author, as well! Decide your target audience i.e. if you are writing for the healthcare community than you should use medical language. But if your target audience is your patients, make sure you write in layman terms, which are easily understood by the general public.

You have great knowledge about your medical practice, but today a lot more is required to be successful in the healthcare marketplace. These methods of social communication are great ways to publicize yourself and your practice among professionals within the field and your potential and existing patients.

By Nidhi Behl
Jigsaw Relations

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