How Wealthy Are You?

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We all know that health is wealth!

WeightlifterWEBSo, how much of an investment are we making in our health? We all are conscious about fitness these days because we want to look great. Having a healthy body is the remedial answer to most of our problems, whether medical, cosmetic or psychological. Let’s discuss what is required to achieve your goals.

There are many “diet issues”. Under the diet umbrella come a lot of subtopics, such as eating disorders, obesity, disease that arises out of obesity, child/adolescent obesity, healthy eating and many more related topics.

Once you have realized that you have to improve your health, a visit to your doctor is a must.

As a diet conscious patient, it’s imperative to prepare well before proceeding to your doctor’s appointment. Below is a preparatory list of things to do before your consultation.

  1. Fear during childhood or adolescent: Try to recall any past incident which is still affecting you. Studies have shown that when person is depressed they inclined towards active eating, leading to increased intake of calories.
  2. Time you became fat: Think of the time when you started gaining weight. Were you obese since childhood? If not, then when you started gaining weight, were there any specific reasons behind your weight gain. Any specific incident in your life like: career change, geographic relocation, loss of job, loss of your loved one, etc.
  3. Allergies: It is important for your doctor to know about your allergies. People can be allergic to food groups like milk and wheat or have allergies to dust, pollination, or medicine. So make it a point that you think well in advance about any allergic reaction you have faced in past.
  4. Medical problems: Have you been sick frequently, have any disease or any surgical procedures performed. Recall your family history, recalling any hereditary problems, especially genetic problems known to you through discussion with your parents and relatives. Include maternal and paternal information when answering this question. If you have any recent medical issues that you are encountering, but you have not consulted your doctor, please share these with your doctor. It will help in understanding whether is it okay to start a diet plan at that moment or not.
  5. Physiological problems: In general, problems which are associated with the mind are termed as ‘Psychological problems”.  This would include depression and peer pressure. Are you phobic or fearful of anything like water, heights, animals, crowds, etc. There many things which any one of us may be sensitive to or even fear. Write down well in advance anything that comes to mind for your  visit. You may not feel it affects you directly, but it may have effects on what and how you eat.
  6. Current food habits and schedule:  What is your daily diet routine? Make a table and write the time and kind of food you eat each day. It will be best if you make chart for a complete week. This will help your doctor to understand any patterns you might be following. If you follow a special diet, such as vegan, make sure to include that information. Also try to include a “List of favorites”.
  7. Laboratory test: Recently (within last six months) have you had any laboratory tests. This would include radiological or pathological. Try to include this information with your other medical records during your visit to the doctor.
  8. Diet alterations: Include any recent changes in your normal diet pattern, such as increases of protein in your diet or reducing sugary dietary items or carbohydrates levels. These changes will be important for your doctor to know at your appointment.
  9. Share your professional lifestyle: Your occupation can affect your eating habits. Information such as if your type of work is physically active or sedimentary, has odd working hours, or involves frequent travel can influence your eating habits. This is important information for your physician to have at your consultation.
  10. Clearly discuss your thoughts/outcome: Explain clearly what you are trying to achieve with this consultation. Do you want to have balanced diet in your life? Do you want to reduce weight? Or do you want to become healthier? Telling your expectations can help your doctor execute your eating plan more effectively. Similarly, ask your care provider what is the total plan of action. Discuss and understand what is required to achieve your goal.

Consider these ten points before meeting your doctor and your right path will become closer to a cake walk. The doctor-patient understanding will be better.

The outcome of this initial session with your physician will be a detailed study analysis about your body mechanism. Your doctor will analyze all your information and will accordingly advice you of some treatment or may have to get some additional medical tests performed before starting you on to your new journey.

Reminder facts:
  1. Bad eating habits are not developed overnight. So you need to have patience. Diet change or weight loss is long term and continuous process.
  2. Your physician is the first person to get in touch with, but he may not be an expert. In this case, he will refer you to a specialist to assist with a nutritional and healthy dietary lifestyle.
  3. Remember, changing your diet will bring a permanent healthy change to yourself over a period of time, while quick, short term diets can be harmful to your health.
  4. The most important thing is to write down your goals.

Changing your thought process to control your actions is a must to succeed. Stop with the excuses that you don’t have time to exercise, I have done enough but see no results, or maybe I’ll try a different doctor. And remember, you didn’t gain all your weight overnight, so why should you expect to lose it any quicker. Stay focused, have patience and results will come your way. It’s an investment that will pay off attractively in the end.

By Nidhi Vats Behl
Freelance Copy Writer

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