Does your Practice Radiate Success or Something Else?

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By Leigh Ann Simpson

Image is everything when it comes to success, especially for a medical practice. When was the last time you asked yourself; what image does my practice reflect to my patients? Are they impressed? Are they uncomfortable? Annoyed? Bored? In this article we’ll discuss staging techniques for your medical practice to leave your patients with a favorable impression, and more importantly, returning and recommending you to other potential patents. Let’s start with the basics:

The exterior

The exterior of your practice is obviously the first thing that your patients see when they arrive. If they see a dirty or trashy parking lot, or worse no parking, they are immediately turned off and inconvenienced. Make sure that you have designated parking (in an area that is frequently cleared of trash) that provides easy access to your entrance.

Treat the exterior of your practice as you would your home. Keep all bushes and all other flora well-manicured and the entrance swept. When was the last time you had an exterior painted? A dilapidated paint job is a sure sign of neglect and carelessness, which is the last impression you want to give your patients.

The waiting room

Careful staging of the waiting room in your practice is absolutely paramount and should be carefully assessed from a patient’s point of view. Consider this; your patients have come to you most likely because they aren’t feeling well. Why make the dreaded waiting process any worse than what it has to be? Instead of your typical rows of chairs that are only positioned upright (and usually uncomfortable) why not have several types of seating; chaise lounges, sofas, plush arm chairs, kids’ chairs. You may even consider having movable furniture in case you have a family wanting to group together and converse, or seating that can be conformed to be more comfortable for a patient that may be in pain. Keep in mind how frequent this furniture is used so it must be durable, but one must never forget the element of style! The furniture pieces preferably should be matched according to design and color.

A large majority of your patients are tech savvy and will want to be able to access the internet with mobile devices while waiting for their appointment. Having free Wi-Fi in your practice will serve as a convenience that will be well appreciated, and will also boost your image as a technologically progressive physician.

Complementing aesthetics

Think about how a beautiful view can lift your spirits to truly support a healing environment, be sure to consider providing access to nature. For example, a water feature can have a calming effect and can subtly help you to relax. Lighting, direct or indirect, can completely influence the mood of a room and therefore your patient so make sure that the tone is set to maximize their comfort and sooth their spirit. People also like to be visually stimulated. An accent wall or a fun wallcovering can add interest to the space. Ceilings are often ignored, yet with bulkheads and accent paint, you can really change the feel of the space.

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the power of art in a space. Art can add a warm, non-institutional feel to the room, give people something to ponder, or help take the edge off a stressful situation.

Remember that although products are consumed, environments are experienced. Through careful planning and improving the environment that patients and visitors spend time in, you are able to help ensure that guests leave with a favorable impression of your facility and an overall positive experience.

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