Blogging is a Cost-Effective Way to Promote Your Med Spa

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Spending money on traditional marketing may no longer be the most effective method to promote your Med Spa. Have you ever considered using professional bloggers? The influence of online blogs has increased during the last couple of years, and many people who already have experience promoting their ”product” through blogs agree that it is a very cost-effective method.

This is a guide on how to work with bloggers when you are trying to promote your Med Spa.

How Does It Work?

You invite a professional blogger to a entire day at your Med Spa. You give them a nice experience and some treatments that they might want to recommend on their blog. A well written blog with thousands of readers could supply your Med Spa with many future clients.

The Benefits of Blogging

Not only does the blog they write about your Med Spa directly increase the chances of you getting more clients, but another advantage is your ranking in Google will improve. This will increase the traffic to your website and further increase your potential of getting new clients.

Another benefit of using this way to promote your Med Spa is it will increase the number of the two types of clients you probably want more of – the younger generation and men. We know that women are more interested in Med Spa services, but now we can make these untapped segments start a dialogue about your business.

Finding the Right Bloggers to Work With

First, you need to do some research. You need to figure out which bloggers you want to work with and which segments you want to target.

What Makes a Blogger Suitable For Branding Your Med Spa?

First keyword – Google. Go for the blogs that are the top searches in Google.  You want to use keywords like ”beauty”, ”lifestyle”, ”health and beauty”, ”wellness” then add ”blog” and maybe your city or state. Since the competition in the Med Spa area is big, you want to focus on attracting especially the local audience. So finding bloggers within your area is crucial and increases your potential of new clients.

You have chosen your first keyword combination and typed it into the search bar. Check out the top blogs and write down which ones you like – judge by your first impression. Write down the blogs that have a layout that identifies with the qualities or philosphy of your Med Spa. Is the content on the website of good quality? Does the person behind the blog look friendly and presentable to you? Are there a lot of comments on the articles that they post?

Now, check out which of your favorite blogs has the most followers. You can either do that by finding their Facebook page or their Instagram profile – they usually link these on their blog. Read some of their posts where they have written about other products or services. After doing this, you might have a good idea of which bloggers you want to approach.

Approaching Your New Marketing Partner

First, you have to remember that bloggers are offered a lot of free things every day, so how you approach them is quite important. Being able to offer them a good deal is key, but you want to test them out first. Simply write them an honest e-mail saying that you are considering using bloggers to attract customers to your Med Spa, and the image of their particular blog identifies with the way you want to profile your business. Simply ask if they would be interested in a relaxing day at your Med Spa with some indulgences and different treatments, in exchange for an article/blog post and a reference to your website. Add a link to your website and ask them to check it out and get back to you if they are interested. Avoid contacting them again if they do not answer your e-mail. If they get back to you, you have a committed blogger who finds your offer appealing and who most likely will give your Med Spa a presentable reference.

Making a deal

If the blogger says yes, you need to have them choose the treatments they are interested in. If you have certain treatments you want promote, you have to be careful about suggesting these. If the blogger has set his or her mind onto something particular, they will look much more forward to the experience – and the excitement is something they might write about on their blog before the actual experience.

Now you just need to settle a date for the treatment, or the consultation with them. Remember that it is important to initiate a relation with them, so they feel confident and comfortable in working with you. Write an e-mail a couple of days in advance to remind them of their appointment and to say that you look forward to meeting them. This also emphasizes your commitment to giving them a great experience, and will make them less prone to mention if there is something during their experience they did not enjoy so much.

Check Your Foundation

What do I mean by this? I am referring to your website. Does it look professional enough? We judge the appearance of a website in less than a tenth of a second, so the first impression is truly important. Get some professional feedback on your website’s current appearance. Do this before you start your new alternative marketing method. A well designed website that emphasizes a high quality practice will make potential clients want to visit your Med Spa – or at least make it part of their wish list.

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By Marie Klee

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