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The Career of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has been treating some of the world’s most gravely ill cancer patients for over thirty years now.  He has done it from a clinic he established decades ago in Houston, Texas that bears his name.

BurzynskiWEBBorn in 1943 in Nazi-occupied Poland, Stanislaw Burzynski grew up there through his teen-age years and stayed there well into early adulthood.  There was never a question that his education would continue well past his teen years.   “In my family,” Burzynski says, “both my father and mother were classically educated, and both were university-educated in things like Ancient Greek and Latin cultures, the Humanities and such.  This was of course before World War II.  Initially I studied chemistry, but I found it to be too simple.  That period was the beginning of biochemistry, and it was more complex.”

Biochemistry’s complexities absolutely fascinated him.

Burzynski completed university studies in Poland, and finished medical school there as well in 1967.  He graduated at the top of his class.  Burzynski obtained his medical license and began pursuit of a PhD in biochemistry.  He says, as a young person working on his university studies, he never expected to spend an entire career in a medical practice, treating actual human patients.   His passion had always centered around research not treatment.  ”I didn’t believe I’d be treating people; I thought I’d do biochemical research.  The thought didn’t cross my mind.”

While doing research for his doctoral thesis in 1967 and 1968, he took note of the marked differences in the levels of certain chemical substances in the blood and urine samples of very ill people, when compared to samples from healthy individuals.  This finding would eventually become the foundation upon which he would eventually build his entire career and upon which so many cancer patients would begin building their own hopes for survival.    He began to believe these “antineoplastons,” as he began to call them, might somehow offer more successful and less damaging treatment options for patients who were facing the most hard-to-treat forms of cancer.  He began to believe he had found another, possibly better effective treatment for cancer.

In 1970 Burzynski left Poland and its Communist Party rule.  The thoughts of freedom in America beckoned him.  His family had suffered hardship during the prior thirty years, so he came to America with not much to his name.   Eventually Baylor College of Medicine hired him, and that marked the beginning of his life in Houston, Texas.  There he continued working for the college, investigating the same chemical substances he’d first noticed and documented while studying in Poland.  He began to think that since people who were seriously ill had such low or nonexistent levels of these antineoplastons, perhaps there could be a way to increase a patient’s antineoplaston levels and suppress progression of his disease or eliminate it entirely.  Dr. Stanislaw’s antineoplaston therapy had in effect begun.

By 1973 he had earned his medical license in the United States of America.

Until the early 1970′s though, Stanislaw Burzynski had never planned to be a practicing medical doctor.  ”I didn’t believe I’d be treating people.  I thought I’d do biochemical research.  The thought of treating chronic disease never came to my mind.  Then by 1977 that changed, when I saw the first success.”   He recorded his initial use of antineoplaston therapy in humans as promising. It was then he decided antineoplaston therapy must be his life’s work.

Burzynski’s research continued in Houston.  He refined his theory about and knowledge regarding the optimum antineoplaston therapy protocol.  In 1976 his work began to receive praise from the medical community but by 1977 the initially positive reactions he’d received from the medical community had grown silent.   “At first in 1976, my research was met with great enthusiasm, but then began a long time of harassment.”  He says it was in 1977 when the medical establishment began to see him as a threat.  The FDA, his supporters believe, had become too deeply entrenched in preserving the profit margins of those companies that were paying the agency millions in application fees each year to be able to maintain objectivity when considering treatments that could change the dynamics of the whole industry.

Burzynski’s conclusion was that anything that upset the system or the market dominance of the products that  pharmaceutical companies had spent years and billions of dollars to develop, produce, market and in some cases offer doctors incentives or consultant fees to prescribe or administer, was going to be a huge target.   He believes now though that the struggles his family endured under Communist rule as well as those atrocities endured by millions in Europe before, during and for years after World War II are part of what has fortified his desire to fight for what he believes will truly help people.

“The Communist system… it will make you harder.   But you have to do what’s right always.   You must,” he says, “no matter what… no matter what it costs.”

The 25 years that followed the initial interest in Burzynski’s discovery included numerous investigations initiated by the Texas Medical Board. Burzynski believes some large medical institutions and the FDA encouraged the board to investigate him for decades.   He says in those early years of his practice, the investigations and unsuccessful attempts to make him stop using antineoplaston therapy as an alternative treatment for cancer were unnerving.

“This was unusual in my family.  We lived in a Communist country, but it was not in the medical tradition there for politicians to try to stop a doctor from treating his patients.”

Dr. Burzynski’s career in medicine has not been orthodox.  He describes the dozens of years from the late ’70′s until now which have included numerous investigations by the FDA and Texas Medical Board, as both painful and lengthy.   He feels frustrated.  He believes he has spent a lifetime, trying to help some of the nation’s sickest people; people for whom many traditional oncology therapies have, in their minds at the very least, proven ineffective. And all the while, the very government agency created to protect these people, is the same entity that seems determined to block the people’s rights to hope for, search for and possibly find health again in any way other than what the industry thinks will work best.

One fact that is indisputable though, regarding Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s practice:  some of his patients have survived and are passionate in their message to the world that he is the one to whom credit should be given for saving their lives.    Many whom Burzynski has treated over decades with antineoplastons swear that he not only cured them of cancer, but that his treatment did not leave them, as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery would have, with the scars, sickness and disabilities that traditionally accepted practices in oncology would have most certainly given them.

Burzynski says “Of course we have not and could not have cured everyone.  And it’s hard to have statistically significant trial data, when you’re only allowed by the FDA to treat people who have already been through years of chemotherapy and radiation and surgery before they even got to you.  They are so sick when they first get to me.”

Over the years many of the patients whom the FDA has granted special permission to be treated by Burzynski have to be treated first by those who practice the more universally accepted methods of fighting cancer.  Most have had surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.  Many have been simply too sick to have survived any treatment Dr. Burzynski might have hoped could give them a chance.   But he maintains, if his medicines do help some of the people who come to his clinic, these people find themselves cured completely and rarely see any return of the cancer that initially plagued them.

Many of the people whom Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has treated who have seen their tumors shrink or go away completely have gone on to live for decades.  Many of them who wish to go public with their personal journey have shared their story on a website ran by former patients www.burzynskipatientgroup.org and www.anpcoalition.com. They believe they will live the rest of their lives without ever seeing the cancer return.  They grow up.  They marry.  They have children.  Something cured them.   They say Burzynski has given them back everything which they had come so close to losing.  They contend that he not only gave them their lives back; he gave them back their healthy bodies, free from scars from surgery and free from ever-lasting side effects from chemotherapy and radiation.  Those who have survived truly believe in Dr. Burzynski and his therapy, and they are grateful.  They are alive and healthy.   They believe they will be forever free from the diseases that Dr. Burzynski has spent a lifetime trying to end.

If you are interested in learning more about the Burzynski Clinic, you can visit their website at www.burzynskiclinic.com or call them at 800 714-7181.

By Barbra Phillips
Staff Writer

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