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  • Purge Purge Purge
    March 31, 2017, No comments

    Why I Am Getting Rid of You (The Reason to Stop Being a Social Hoarder) The whole purpose of being active on social media is to…well, be social. Your goals

  • Physician Solutions:
    March 1, 2017, No comments

    Focused on the Future When I started Physician Solutions in 1990, we had computers but the Internet wasn’t born yet. Fax machines were in every office, but social media didn’t have

  • PA/NP Workforce:
    March 1, 2017, No comments

    Using Locums to Meet Your Practice Demand Redesigning teams to include increased numbers of primary care providers, not just physicians but also PAs and NPs, is a significant part of

  • Emerging Trend
    March 1, 2017, No comments

    Growing Demand for Locum Tenens Dentists Introduction There is a growing need for healthcare professions across the board. The dental fraternity is no exception. This is why temporary providers are

  • 10 Tips to Prevent Ransom Attacks!
    March 1, 2017, No comments

    Apart from medical records, patient health and financial information are the latest targets for cyber criminals. Shielding your practice from ransomware attacks is extremely necessary. Here are some tips to