The Art@Hospitals Initiative – Pedro’s Wish

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You feel awful. You’re in the hospital. Aside from some grocery store flower arrangement, your room is sparse and dreary. The television remote is too far away to reach, so you stare at a blank wall.

Pedro Oliveira, born in Lisbon, Portugal, died six days after his diagnosis of leukemia. His dying wish was to create an environment in hospitals that was brighter through the medium of art. Though he lived only 31 years, his captivating and optimistic personality endures through the efforts of the Art at Hospitals initiative. This hospital project bloomed after his family and friends saw his spirits rise, even under these dire circumstances, once they brought in his artwork from home. Pedro believed others could also benefit from the color and energy of art.

Pedro fell in love at university and married Nicoline. Their dream was to discover the world together, so they lived in many countries including Shanghai and Melbourne, absorbing the culture and art of the different environments. Nicoline and the Hospitals art initiative strive to keep Pedro’s spirit alive and create more positive surroundings for others who are sick and hurting.

Dedicated workers for this initiative have ensured its continuing success. A second hospital in Buenos Aires was just inaugurated, with more than 200 pieces of donated art work and 28 murals. Art at Hospitals is proud to keep Pedro’s memory alive, along with over 500 other artists who are have committed to donate to further projects.

Most Hospitals lack the finances to bring works of art into their rooms and halls. Art in Hospitals encourages artists from around the world to donate their art to hospitals in their area. The art need not be by professionals – it can be designed by beginners, schools and young people alike. Anyone who loves art is welcome to bring the warmth and color of their creativity to those who need inspiring the most.

If you are an artist and would like to donate a work or works of art to Art@Hospitals, please get in touch with,, or

By Ashley Austin
Managing Editor

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