Following His Bliss: Jeff Brown – Artist, Physician

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Brown1WEBI have had no formal artistic training. I did not come from an artsy family and I have no more inborn talent than you, dear reader. Yet I am preparing for a one-man show at a high-end gallery. How did this happen?

Initially, I  casually visited the odd museum, gallery and street art fair, just as you do. But I noticed that I responded to certain works of art. Particularly modern oil paintings. After spending an increasing amount of time doing this and feeling more comfortable, I found myself saying “I bet that I can do this.”

Then my wife said, as wives sometimes do, “OK, Bozo, prove it.” So I bought some basic supplies, found a space and started with a wonderful piece of advice from an artist; “Just get some paint down on the canvas. You can always change or fix it.” In other words, painters paint.

Brown3WEBWorking off photos, ads and other artists’ work (“Good artists borrow and great artists steal.”), I started doing my versions of what I observed. Docs are trained observers, after all. Then I added jazz-like improvisational riffs to play off of, bend and distort well-known ideas and symbols. I love primary colors and iconic themes. I try to draw the observer into the frame to “see the story.” And the humor that I salt in when I can.

So I love to keep working, creating, learning and getting the paint on the canvas. I just feel a driving passion to do it. Joseph Campbell, the famous philosopher and teacher, was well-known for telling any who would listen, to “Follow your bliss.” I am lucky to have found oil painting and am grateful for the interest of others. Please see my work at jeffcontemporaryoils,com.

By Jeff Brown, M.D.

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